Class 1 — undergoing changes right now

Hi parents and teachers,

This is the only place you will find complete resource for all the materials needed for the hindi class for the community teaching or teaching your own kids. I am conducting a class at my house with my friend, Uttara and I thought it will be helpful for other teachers/parents to get the most of the information at one place.

I am considering this is a small class of students and we are sitting in a circle. We are trying to make it fun for the kids so that they will be eager to come for the next class.

Start the class by saying one of the shlokas/song which is inspirational/devotional. You can find many shlokas with their meaning at Hindu Prayer Central . We selected the song “Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena” and watched it on the youtube.

Talk about the meaning of the song. Click here for “Hum ko man ki shaki Dena” Prayer wordings with meaning

How to greet people in Hindi: “Namaste”. (11111) Take turns while saying “Namaste” in a circle. Kid_1 says “Namaste” to kid_2 (on left). Kid_2 says “Namaste” to kid_3 (on left)…….continue till the kid_last says “Namaste” to kid_1.

How to ask “What is your name?”/ “Aapka naam kya hai?”. Click to hear Aapka naam kya hai?

Say the sentence together for few times while the kids get adjusted to the sound and can repeat by themselves or with help.

How to say “My name is ‘Mini.‘”/ “Mera naam ‘Mini‘ hai.” (33333) The bold italic word needs to be replaced by the name of the person who is answering the question.

Say the sentence together for few times while the kids get adjusted to the sound and can reapeat by themself or with help.

Take turns saying “Question and Answer” for the above sentences in the circle. (44444) For example. kid_1 will ask kid_2 “Apka naam kya hai?”, kid_2 will answer kid_1 “Mera name ‘AAAA‘ hai.” Now kid_2 will ask the same question to kid_3 “Apka naam kya hai?”, kid_3 will answer kid_2 “Mera name ‘BBBB‘ hai.”……… repeat this till the circle completes.

Sing the song “Raviwar Somwar…….Mangalwar Budhwar…..Guruwar Shukrawar Shaniwar…..” (55555) on the tune of “Sunday Monday….Tuesday Wednesday…..Thursday Friday Saturday…..” Repeat few times.

Next question: “What day is today?”/ “Aaj kya din hai?” (66666)……repeat few times with kids.

Next Sentence: “Today is sunday” / “Aaj Raviwar hain” (77777) ……. repeat few times with kids. Replace the word “Raviwar” with the day you will be teaching the class.

Take turns in the circle for question and answer.

Say all the letters in Hindi. Even though, at this stage they don’t know all the alphabets and numbers, point to all the letters one by one and say the sound. Idea is to make them familier with the sounds and getting them use to see those foreign letters. Repeat 2 or more times if you have more time. Hindi writing practice chart is great way for kids to look at the alphabet letters at once and get use to the corresponding letter sounds by looking at the english letters which are written below the Hindi letter.

Counting numbers, “Hindi Ginati”. Count the numbers till 31 by pointing it. You can find english translation and sound of numbers here.

Discuss with the kids if they enjoyed the class, what fun things they want to do, what games they can play. Here is the link for game central.(@@@@@)

  • Drawing the picture and naming the things in the picture in hindi
  • Write the letters in hindi on piece of card and place them written side down. Ask kid to pick the card and he needs to tell the correct sound. If he is right then he gets a sticker
  • Ask the questions in hindi which we have learned and if the kid gives correct answer then he gets the sticker
  • Make a spinner for days of the week for english day names. Ask kid to rotate the spinner and he needs to tell the name in hindi where the spinner lands.
  • Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
  • Flash card question and answer for the images when kids are building vocabulary or read words when they start to read.
  • I spy letters and words

Review what we learned today

End the class with one shloka / Jana gana Mana…….we end it with “Asato maa sadga maya…..”. (88888)

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