SarandaGuru Arjan Dev (1563-1606), fifth Sikh Guru, was a master musician and musicologist. He had a great passion for folk music, and looking at his contribution to the musical heritage of India, we see a huge line up which is influenced by folk traditions.

The Saranda took birth from his passion for music. However, there are varying statements and opinions by scholars as to who actually created the Saranda. Some say it was the idea of Guru Angad Dev Ji and was developed by Guru Ramdas Sahib, the fourth Guru. Examining the facts concerning that time period, and the musical interests related to that period, it makes more sense to believe that Guru Arjan Devji invented, or developed, the Saranda. He is said to have designed the Saranda (a large bowl-shaped string instrument, played with bow), which he himself played and used as the ideal accompaniment for the male voice.

The Saranda produces a hauntingly beautiful deep tone quality which sings in alternation and in support of the human voice.

Watch playing Saranda on here.

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