Quick-n-EZ Language® by IndiToy, Inc. a worldwide provider of educational products and e-learning services, takes an innovative, scientific, and tested approach to language learning to ensure effective results and maximum lifelong retention potential. Quick-n-EZ’s Language® comprehensive suite of learning products support children and adults alike and have practical applications for the pursuit of global economic success and professional development opportunity.
Quick-n-EZ’s Language® unique approach of using local references or common everyday English words to teach proper recognition, reading, writing, and pronunciation of foreign languages. Our methods are easy, effective, authentic, and concentrate on building a strong foundation of essential language skills that last a lifetime.
Since 2002, there has been a 100% to 300% increase in American Citizens moving to India for work. Learning local language is essential for a person moving to India, to communicate, manage and excel in every aspect of business. Quick-n-EZ Language® methods make Indian languages easy to understand and grasp. It also expands horizons and enhances learning in college and improves job possibilities within US and abroad. So, learn Indian language today easy and effective way, the Quick-n-EZ Language® way, for better tomorrow. Begin your tomorrow, today.
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